Health & Safety

It is the policy of JJB Contracting LLC to conduct its activities in such a way that the Health & Safety of its employees, contractors, subcontractor, visitors, vendors and others, who may be affected by its operations are safeguarded. In implementing this policy, we comply not only with the requirements of the relevant legislations, but also promote appropriate measures for the fortification of safety and health.

• JJB Contracting LLC has undertaken measures to minimize the risk from hazards in the workplace and to protect the natural environment as well as to safeguard the safety and health of all employees of JJB Contracting LLC

• The Health, Safety and Welfare of Employees and the employees of Subcontractors under its control to be one of its greatest responsibilities. The responsibility for safety at work rests upon all sectors of management, and the Company will ensure that this policy is pursued through the organization

• JJB Contracting has a safe working environment by the design, construction, operation and maintenance equipment, and facilities. Adequate instruction, information, training, and supervision will be provided

• Adequate personal protective equipment shall be provided to protect employees from hazards

• Maintenance recognizes that the achievement of an effective occupational safety, health and environmental protection policy demands the active and positive involvement of all levels of management and requires the full participation and support of all employees

• We have the effective facilities for the treatment of injuries that occur at work and effective fire prevention and fire control procedure

• It is the responsibility of both management and employee to support and promote the occupational safety, health, and environmental protection policy to ensure a safe working

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